Egyptian protesters vow to step up struggle

Posted By: Pti
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Cairo, Feb 8 (PTI) Embattled President Honsi Mubarak''sregime has offered them a string of concessions ranging frompay hikes, constitutional reforms, freeing media and promiseto lift emergency curbs, but tens of thousands of youths on ahistoric sit-in in the heart of the capital have vowed freshstruggle till they end his 30-year rule.

"Nothing will move us. We only have one point agendato see the back of despot Mubarak," said Shady al-GhazaliHarb, who has been elected by the youths leading the proteststo be one of their representatives in talks with the regime.

"We have waited for 30 years for this momentous eventand we won''t let go," he said, adding the reforms can follow.

Youngsters like Shady al-Ghazali Harb, who have beenat the vanguard of the revolution at the Tahrir Square, saythat the movement is led by educated and middle class and isnot in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The sops by Mubarak announcing 15 per cent pay raisefor some six million public employees don''t seem to deter theyouths camping for last 15 days in the Tahrir Square, the hubof anti-government protests.

"Mubarak has to go and true democracy has to berestored in Egypt, the ancient citadel of civilisation," hetold PTI, adding the protests will continue until theirdemands are met and democracy is ushered in Egypt.

"We want democracy and let democracy bring on him whompeople want. We do want to select a person to bring ondemocracy. This is not how it works. We are pro-democracy andif we are anti-Mubarak it is because he is against democracy."

He said the president has to go. "The upper and lowerhouses of parliament have to be dissolved and the constitutionamended."

The uprising started on January 25 with a call onfacebook by a group or page known as ''We are all Khalid Said''.

Khalid was a young Egyptian who was tortured to deathin a police station after having uploaded a video clip on theinternet showing police officers sharing among them hash theyhad just confiscated from dealers.

The group now has thousands of members and it hadorganised a series of protests and events since its creation.

"We decided on the meeting points and the paths theprotesters would take until they reached Al-Tahrir square,"said Al-Ghazali who was among organisers of the group.

It was no longer a facebook or internet event, hesaid, adding mobilisation had already been achieved and theword of mouth was the main tool.

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