Egyptian protestors remain steadfast on Mubarak''s ouster

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Cairo, Feb 6 (PTI) As the campaign to oust embattledEgyptian President Hosni Mubarak took a decisive turn today,the protestors don''t seem to be satisfied yet.

Shady al-Ghazali Harb, a representative of the youth whostarted the uprising by calling for a "Day of Rage" on the 25of January, said they intended to continue demonstrations inAl-Tahrir square until "complete revolutionary changes aremade to the regime" atop of which is the removal of PresidentMubarak who has been in power for almost thirty years.

The effect of the uprising could be sensed in today''stalks between Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman and theopposition as for the first time Egypt''s ruling regime hasentered into any kind of negotiations with the MuslimBrotherhood which has a vast organisational network in thecountry and is widely expected to fill the political space ina post-Mubarak democratic Egypt.

The vice president also met with six representatives ofthe youth which the government called "internet kids" onlytwo weeks ago.

The change was also sensed in the state media as theMuslim Brotherhood was mentioned for the first time in areport on the talks earlier today.

The talks resulted in forming a committee to suggestamendments to the constitution and another for follow-up.

The meeting also took steps to overcome obstacles thatface international media attention as well as guarantee forthe protestors that they will not be persecuted if they choseto leave the Tahrir Square, the hub of the unrelentingdemonstrations against Mubarak''s 30-year regime.

According to Shady al-Ghazali Harb the protestors havealready divided themselves into shifts as many go to theirjobs in the morning and come back to the square at night.

"The government''s strategy is to depend on the media tocampaign against us and focus on the economic hardships somesuffered as a result of the uprise. Our strategy is to keepthe people in the square and keep the pressure up on thegovernment", said Harb.

In actualization of Harb''s words by nightfall and curfewtime at 7 pm the Square was packed after a long day in whichCopts held their Sunday mass jointly by their Muslim brethrenfor the first time in decades.

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