Jordanians show dissent with new PM

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Amman/ Jordan, Feb 2: The people of Jordan had raised their voice against the appointment of the new Prime Minister Maarouf Al Bakhit, an ex-army general and former ambassador to Israel. Jordan's king Abdullah on Tuesday, Feb 1 dismissed his government and appointed Bakhit to head the country's new government.

The people took the protest to the streets of Jordan following the unemployment, inflation, and skyrocketing prices in the country. The people blamed Samir Rifai's government for the economic crises and demanded him to fire.

After a three weeks of street protest in the country, Abdullah zeroed on Bakhit to form a new government. But the decision by the Jordan's king failed to satisfy the Jordanians.

Abdullah said, “The new government will have the task of taking practical swift and tangible steps to launch a real political reform process, in line with the King's vision of comprehensive reform, modernization and development."

Bakhit served as a Prime Minister of Jordan after the 2005 Amman bombing, the triple bomb that exploded in hotels, killed 60 Jordanians, mostly, Muslims women and children.

Jordan's powerful Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the Islamic Action Front, the nation's largest Opposition, also expressed its dissent with the choice of Bakhit.

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