Nazi prisoner Hermann Goering was 'too heavy' for US plane transport

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London, Jan 31 (ANI): A Second World War US pilot has revealed that he asked for a bigger plane to transport his 21st Nazi prisoner, Hermann Goering, to army headquarters for interrogation.

Capt Mayhew "Bo" Foster said that he had wanted a bigger aircraft than the lightweight Piper L4 to carry his hefty cargo but it was decided that a larger plane would not fit on the runway.

It was May 9, 1945, Goering, Foster and a group of officers from the Army's 36th Infantry Division gathered on a tiny airstrip outside Kitzbühel, Austria, to transport the highly prized war prisoner back to Germany in an unarmed, two-man reconnaissance plane.

"They wanted to get him back where he could be debriefed. There was a strong rumour that in a mountainside in the Alps right down there in Bavaria there was a concentration of (German) military," the Telegraph quoted Foster as saying.

"He just acted as though it was a nice, friendly trip."

"He acted as though he was going on a sightseeing tour, or really as though I was going on a sightseeing tour and he was showing me where he grew up.

"I had a .45 in a shoulder holster, but he couldn't reach that. But neither could I, because I had two hands controlling the plane," Foster added.(ANI)

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