Egyptians form vigilante groups to protect properties from looters

Posted By: Ani
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Cairo, Jan 30 (ANI): A huge number of Egyptians have reportedly joined local vigilante groups to protect their neighbourhoods from robbers amid claims that rich elites are fleeing to Dubai.

Gangs of looters have disrupted lives of people amid huge tension across the country, but it is not clear who is behind the crime. Egyptians armed with guns, sticks, and blades have formed vigilante groups to defend their homes from looters after police disappeared from the streets following days of violent protests, the Sky News reports.

"Our jobs are done and over. There are thugs everywhere, ransacking our shops.ince the government is not doing it, we are sending down our boys to create human shields to fight the criminals," one of the shop owners said.

Local vigilantes are reportedly protecting neighbourhoods with barricades and weapons, and Islamic leaders have urged people to join the vigilante groups to protect their homes themselves. The looting trend has spread from some parts of Cairo to even poorer areas across the country.

The crucial areas like banks, junctions and important buildings that were earlier guarded by police, are now been taken care by civilians after police disappeared from the scene.

Egyptians have called for army intervention to bring back law and order. On Saturday, many protesters started chanting: "No to plundering and no to destruction."

Dozens of shops across Egypt have painted display windows white to hide contents and discourage looting.

Meanwhile, State television has claimed that police have arrested 470 people in Cairo on charges of looting, arson and damage of public property. (ANI)

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