TTP claims responsibility for suicide bombings on Shias

Posted By: Pti
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Rezaul H Laskar

Islamabad, Jan 27 (PTI) The banned Tehrik-e-TalibanPakistan has claimed responsibility for two suicide bombingstargeting Shia processions in Karachi and Lahore and warned itwould carry out more attacks against security and lawenforcement personnel.

Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq told reporters in thelawless North Waziristan tribal region yesterday that the twoattacks on Tuesday were aimed against security personnelbecause "they serve US interests".

"The security forces will face attacks as they protectUS interests in Pakistan.

The state of lawlessness is so bad that President AsifAli Zardari has obtained the services of US-based securityagency Blackwater," Tariq said while talking to the reporterson phone from an undisclosed location.

"We will continue attacking the personnel of thesecurity apparatus that are promoting US imperialism. They arecreating hurdles for the soldiers of Islam. The personnel ofthe police and security forces are acting like the hirelingsof the US and are destabilising Pakistan," he added.

Tariq claimed that Pakistan''s top leadership "shouldkeep in mind that they cannot protect themselves from Talibanattacks."

The country will be turned "into a citadel of Islamand secularism will be purged" from the land, he furtherclaimed.

He also warned rights organisations to review theirpolicies and stop promoting Western values.

"Only Islam guarantees human rights and stands forpeace. A few secular families have turned Pakistan into theirfamily fiefdom and are taking dictation from their Westernmasters. We have to rid Pakistan of these families," he said.

Sixteen people, including several policemen guardingthe Shia processions, were killed and nearly 80 others injuredin the two suicide attacks on Tuesday.

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