Why you feel gloomy on Blue Monday?

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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New York, Jan 17: As the world celebrates 'Blue Monday' on Monday, Jan 17, most our readers get confused about its significance and whereabouts. Don't get bored, here we provides all information what you want to know about 'Blue Monday'.

If you are feeling bored and gloomy today, the only reason is Blue Monday! Blue Monday is regarded as the most depressing day of the year. And moreover, the date falls on the third Monday of Jan in each year.

Media reported that a combination of factors, including post-Christmas debt and sullen British weather, make today the most depressing day of 2011.

Some others went further saying that the Blue Monday was related to the facts like weather, debt, time since failing our new year"s resolutions, low motivational levels, the feeling of a need to take action etc.

The Telegraph has listed some interesting activities to overcome the Blue Monday, the mother of all unhappy Mondays. Those who feels gloomy today can try this out:
* Give to charity
* Lovebomb your partner
* Get singing
* Get the teas in
* Sit up straight
* Eat yourself happy
* Go dancing
* Go barefoot
* Get flirty
* Say it with flowers
* Listen to the birds
* Write a journal

Now, you have all the ways to get rid of Blue Monday. Still feeling gloomy?

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