Biden repeats 'do more' mantra for Pak on terror

Posted By: Ani
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Kabul, Jan.12 (ANI): U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden has cautioned that success against the Taliban and Al Qaeda is 'fragile and reversible,' and added that it required strengthening of local security forces and more pressure by Pakistan.

"It is going to require more pressure on Taliban from Pakistani side of the border than we have been able to observe so far," The Nation quoted Biden, as saying.

Biden is expected to travel to Islamabad on Wednesday to discuss cooperation by the Pakistani government in fighting militants in the border region between the two Islamic countries.

Speaking after a meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Biden said training and aid would continue even after responsibility for security is handed over. He added that both sides share a common goal of a "stable, sovereign Afghanistan."

If "the Afghan people want it, we won't leave in 2014," the vice-president said.

"We stand ready to help you in that effort and we'll continue to stand ready to help you in that effort after 2014." (ANI)

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