Extramarital affair led to murder: Dehra Dun Eng'r

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Lucknow, Dec 14: The software engineer, arrested for butchering his wife and keeping the body in freezer, admitted that he killed his wife because he had an extramarital relationship with a woman in Calcutta.

Police arrested Rajesh Gulati on Monday, Dec 13 for killing his wife Anupama. He cut her body into pieces and kept it in a deep freezer for nearly two months. The incident came to light when his wife's brother, Sujan Singh, filed a complaint to police when he found his sister missing.

Techie butchers wife, keeps body in freezer

Rajesh, an IIT graduate, said that he had relation with a housewife which lasted less than a year when he was in Calcutta. He said to police that, later he came back to his wife and confessed and begged forgiveness to lead a normal life.

"I was alone in Calcutta… During my stay there, I met a lady from south Calcutta in a party whose husband had deserted her. She had a son. I got into a live-in relationship with this housewife but it lasted less than a year. I came back to my wife in 2008, confessed to her and begged forgiveness as I wanted to lead a normal life with her since 2008," Rajesh said.

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They lead a normal life since 2008, but the former relation made frictions in their relation again. Anupama filed a complaint against Rajash for domestic violence. When the couple moved to Dehra Dun in Jun 2008, the gap became more wider and led to her daeth.

Rajesh killed his wife on Oct 17th after a fight. He smashed her head against a wall and she fell unconscious. Later, Rajesh strangulated her to death and cut her body into 72 pieces. Then he bought plastic covers and hid the body parts in a deep freezer. Later he started to dump the body parts in a lake which is 10km away from his house. Police had recovered 35 pieces.

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