US solely responsible for 'Wiki-mess'

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Washington, Dec 9: US State Department spokesperson PJ Crowley, responded on Thursday, Dec 9, to a comment by Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. He said that the primary responsibility for the WikiLeaks expose rests with the United States, since the accused person Bradley Manning lived in the US and have been accused of leaking the secret cables from the US military facility.

Crowley in a statement to reporters said that, the immoral action of Julian Assange in releasing the classified documents has turned out be a threat to both the US as well as other countries.

Crowley said, “we believe that the WikiLeaks releasing some classified documents has put our country and other country's interest at risk and threatened the lives of people who are shown in these documents."

"We have recognized that, it is somebody from our office. You know we are bound under the oath to protect the US Constitution, who have violated that very oath. One is been held accountable for these leaks and his action is considered a crime according to US law and that person is under arrest."

“There is an investigation going on related to this within the United States Government and we have not reached the conclusion on who is beyond this individual who is responsible," he added

Crowley elaborated on the range of conversations with world leaders by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “She has had a consistent conversation with world leaders, some on phone, some in person, to prove and show our commitment to continue to work on, work with other countries on our common interest."

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