Foreign powers likely to slash deals with US following 'Wikileaks' revelations

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Washington, Dec 8 (ANI): The US State Department and the Pentagon have claimed that very few American diplomats are attending day-to-day meetings following the 'Wikileaks' revelations, and added that foreign powers would likely be pulling back from their dealings with America because they have lost trust in that country's ability to maintain privacy.

The Guardian quoted US State Department spokesman PJ Crowley as saying that in an extreme case, diplomats were even stopped from carrying notebook inside.

"We have already seen some indications of meetings that used to involve several diplomats and now involve fewer diplomats," Crowley said.

"We're conscious of at least one meeting where it was requested that notebooks be left outside the room. Obviously, it will be something that we will be watching to see if particular diplomats are frozen out in countries depending on their pique over what has been revealed," he said.

However, he did not elaborate on whether the declining number was because foreign governments were angry over the private reflections of US diplomats as revealed in the cables or concerned that anything they said might not remain private, the paper said.

Meanwhile, Pentagon spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan also backed Crowley, saying there were indications that foreign powers would be pulling back from their dealings with the US.

"Believing the U.S. is not good at keeping secrets ... certainly changes things," and "generally, there has been a retrenchment" in co-operation, Lapan added.

However, a state department source have denied media reports that the Obama administration is planning to move some of its diplomats because relations with host countries have been severely damaged.

Last week, Defence Secretary Robert Gates had said that although the leaks were embarrassing and awkward, it would not do serious damage. (ANI)

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