Fearless cat sends alligator packing with one strike of its paw

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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London, Nov 18 (ANI): A brave cat stunned onlookers at a park in Louisiana when he decided to square up to a ferocious, snapping alligator.

Weighing in at around 250 plus kgs the alligator, with five claws on each foot, was more than a match for the 5kg moggy.

Alligators also have the strongest bite of any living animal measured at up to 9,452 newtons.

People at the alligator park in Louisiana screamed out 'get away pussy!' as the cat padded up to its foe, reports the Sun.

"Oh my god he's going to end up as cat food, oh my god I can't watch," one woman shouted.

But the tourists' shrieks turned to screams of laughter as with one strike of its paw the cat sent the alligator packing.

"That's unbelievable the alligator is scared of the cat!" another onlooker exclaimed.

Then when the gator came back for more the cat calmly stares it out before giving it a quick one, two with its paws.

The humiliated alligator then slithered off into a pond to gather back up in the form of another gator.

The man filming the fearsome stand off shouted, "Oh no, the cat's had it now." But the fearless moggy stood his ground and gave the gator another sound smack on the nose.

At this point both gators hurry back to the pond while the cat stands triumphant on the bank. (ANI)

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