'Sperminator' who donates sperm by having sex for just 17 pounds!

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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London, Nov 9 (ANI): Meet John McManus, a 'sperminator' who is ready to donate his sperm to childless mothers for just 17 pounds - the only catch is that he insists on the 'natural impregnation'.

McManus, 33, from Galway, Ireland, insists on impregnating "the natural way" as he finds artificial insemination "too weird".

His services are targeted at those who can't afford IVF.

McManus tells potential clients he advises plenty of "hugging, touching, kissing and foreplay" before the act, so the climax-for-cash seems completely natural, reports The Sun.

When asked to explain the process, John wrote, "Ideally we would try three days per month in a row - the two days before you ovulate, and the day itself. Ideally we would try twice per day. The more sperm you have inside you, the better chance of you getting pregnant."

"I will need a week's notice before you want to try. This is so that I can save up my sperm before the first donation," he added.

McManus assures clients that he is STD-free too.

"I was last STD tested in March. Last year I also had three STD tests which all came back negative. I take my sexual health very seriously."

McManus told how he initially became a donor in 2007 because of a sperm shortage in the UK.

"I watched a documentary about an infertile couple who could not afford IVF and I felt I should do something. Creating a life is the most special thing you can do. It is the greatest gift you can give," he said.

"I don't go around doing this all the time. Women see my ad and if they are looking for a donor they get in touch. Once the baby is born I don't want any contact. I just go on with my life and you go on with yours." (ANI)

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