Ink jet bomb plot fanatics still plotting attacks in UK

Posted By: Nairita Das
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London, Nov 3 (ANI): British Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that the ink jet bomb plot fanatics are still operating in Britain, and are planning new atrocities.

According to the Daily Mail, May said that the police and security services were engaged in an ongoing struggle against the Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which is now working in the UK.

She further stated that the UK faces a threat from young radicalised Britons being trained in Somalia to carry out atrocities when they return to the country.

"We know that people from this country have already gone to Somalia to fight. It seems highly likely, given experience elsewhere, that if left to their own devices we would eventually see British extremists, trained and hardened on the streets of Mogadishu, returning to the UK and seeking to commit mass murder on the streets of London," May said.

May said she was 'not afraid' to give the police and security officials controversial new anti-terror powers, which include the right to spy on the public's internet and telephone records, to protect the British public from further terrorist attacks, the paper said.

She further revealed that one member of AQAP, who allegedly intended to cause mass murder by bringing down an airline with a suicide bomb, had already been arrested in the UK on suspicion of 'planning a terrorist attack in the country'.

Last week, AQAP was blamed for being behind the attempt to bring down at least two cargo jets with devices packed with the powerful PETN explosive hidden inside printer cartridges, which were found at East Midlands airport and at Dubai.

In her strongest remarks yet on the severity of the plot, Mrs May likened it to the Lockerbie Bombing, which claimed 270 lives in the skies and on the ground. (ANI)

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