Scientists found 200mn years old dinosaur skeleton

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Sauropod dinosaur
New York, Oct 31: Scientists from United States have found 200 million years old first intact skeleton of a dinosaur.

The 30 feet-long skeleton is an ancestor to the Sauropod, the largest creature ever to walk the planet. Scientists are in hope that the discovery will help to reveal the story of how the 120 feet-long giant-necked Sauropods evolved and became solely plant eaters.

Texas Tech paleontologist Sankar Chatterjee told that the skeleton, found in Southern China, shows that the animal stood on four feet, has eye sockets on the sides and a short snout with a wide, U-shaped jaw.

"It's like a manuscript. Many pages are missing. We are still trying to piece it together. This is one of those missing links. Now we'll know better how these dinosaurs evolved," said Sankar Chatterjee.

The preliminary findings will be presented at the Geological Society of America meeting in Denver, Colorado, on Sunday Oct 31.

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