After China, UFO spotted over New York

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New York, Oct 16: After the slew of recent UFO sightings in China, a sighting has been reported over Manhattan in New York (NYC).

A UFO was reportedly sighted in Chelsea on Wednesday, OCt 13 afternoon at approximately 1:30 pm, unlike in China, where the sightings occurred only in the dark skies of the night.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was immediately flooded with calls. However, FAA found nothing on the radars.

“We re-ran radar to see if there was anything there that we can"t account for but there is nothing in the area," FAA concluded.

Office workers and pedestrians around the Manhattan area not only rushed to spots to get a better look at the alleged UFO, but also tried to capture its image and video footage, which have now become the key evidence to finding the truth that is 'out there'.

Bunch of Balloons?

While UFO and extraterrestrial loyalists stress that it was indeed a UFO spotted over NYC, there are
reports that the shiny object in the sky was nothing but a cluster of balloons.

The mysterious shiny objects which were believed to be UFOs possibly came from Mount Vernon and not from Mars, the USA News Week reported.

In the media report, Angela Freeman, head of the Milestone School in the Westchester suburb, is quoted as saying that the cluster of balloons was inadvertently launched.

“It was just a freak thing. Frankly, I'm shocked by it. The kids had an engagement party for a teacher, and a mother brought four dozen balloons, and she's coming through the door. It is very windy in Mount Vernon. Suddenly, 12 of the balloons let loose," Angela Freeman told US News Week.

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