Kashmir issue 'tough nut' to crack: Musharraf

Posted By: Nairita Das
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London, Oct 9 (ANI): The Kashmir issue is a "tough nut" to crack because it requires 'sincerity', "boldness" and 'flexibility' from both India and Pakistan to amicably reach a solution, former President Pervez Musharraf has stated.

"I've been saying it needs sincerity on both sides by leaders, and government on both sides. It needs flexibility by both sides, because never neither of sides can think of giving everything or taking everything. It has to be give and take," The Nation quoted Musharraf, as saying to a TV channel about the longstanding Kashmir dispute.

"They will have obviously to give something to the other side. Both the sides should give something to the other to meet in the middle somewhere," the former military ruler added, noting that "boldness" was needed to settle the issue.

In a separate interview to a publication, Musharraf said that the greatest threat being faced by Pakistan today was neither from India or the Taliban, but the government's failure.

"I would say, failure of governance is the greatest threat today," he said.

Dubbing his political detractors as "cowards", the APML founder opined that the immediate necessity on the ground in Pakistan was a "functional governance structure free of corruption," as the incumbent government had failed to effectively govern the country.The PPP government has failed to do so. Nawaz Sharif came to power twice but could not do anything productive because he is actually brainless," Musharraf stated.

Talking about his plans of returning to Pakistan, he said that he would head home as soon as the elections were announced in the country.

The 67-year old also said he was not perturbed by reports that he would be facing trouble on his return to his homeland.

"Let them do whatever they want to. As far as I am concerned, there are no hindrances for my return when I want to. All those opposing me are cowards and are scared of my return," he said. (ANI)

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