'US has retribution plan in event of another 9/11'

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Washington, Sep 27: The United States has a secret "retribution" plan to wipe off every al-Qaeda compound or training camp in the event of another 9/11-like attack on American soil by terrorists based in Pakistan, reveals a new book 'Obama's War' by American journalist Bob Woodward.

"Some locations might be outdated, but there would be no concern, under the plan, for who might be living there now. The attribution plan called for a brutal punishing attack on at least 150 or more associated camps," Woodward says.

He added that the plan came to light when then President George W Bush saw the 26/11 Mumbai attack.

"This is like 9/11, he (Bush) said," Woodward wrote. "The United States military did not have "war" plans for an invasion of Pakistan. Instead, it had and continues to have one of the most sensitive and secret of all military contingencies, what military officials call a "retribution" plan in the event of another 9/11-like attack on the US," the book says.

The disclosures in the book come after stern warnings sounded by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that there would be severe consequences, if another 9/11 terrorist attack was traced back in Pakistan.

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