Trapped Chilean miners form micro-society underground to keep sane

Posted By: Samyuktha
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London, Sept 4 (ANI): The 33 Chilean miners trapped in the San Jose mine have reportedly formed a micro-society to overcome boredom and keep themselves sane as they prepare to shift 4,000 tons of rock to aid their rescue.

According to The Telegraph, each of them has taken on roles of a "priest", a "doctor", a "poet" a "TV presenter" and a "foreman" within the group.

Although Chile's Health Minister, Dr Jaime Maqalich, has said that the miners are "completely organised," he fears that one or more of them could suffer a mental breakdown as their confinement drags from weeks into months.

"They are completely organised. It is a matter of life and death for them," Maqalich said.

"The worst scenario would be one of the men suffered severe psychosis for being trapped so long and attempted to claw their way out of the mine. As long as they are kept busy with defining roles we hope to avoid it," he added.

The role of spiritual leader has been assigned to the oldest member of the group, a 62-year-old man who encourages his colleagues to pray daily in a makeshift chapel.

Another miner has been using the knowledge he gained on a nursing course to administer medicines, including vaccinations, among the group.

The role of a video narrator for the group has been taken by another miner who would appear in front of the camera for the outside world and coaxing shyer members to appear on film.

The authorities are reportedly preparing three drilling machines to dig out the miners who have been stuck there for a month now. (ANI)

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