Tipsy US woman arrested for calling 911 for date

Posted By: Samyuktha
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Melbourne, August 04 (ANI): A drunken woman who called emergency services number 911 looking for love has been arrested.

Ohio Police has charged Bernadette Music with disorderly conduct for calling 911 looking for a date.

Police say 43-year old Music was highly intoxicated when she called the emergency line four times trying to find a boyfriend last week, reports the Daily Telegraph.

She even described what kind of man she wants.

Dispatch: Hi this is Norwood 911 do you have an emergency?....

Caller: I'm having a hard time getting a hold know a date line.... everyone wants to (inaudible) with me around.... My name is bernadette music. And i look healthy I'm 5'1 and ok...I weigh 120 pounds....

Dispatch: wow that is better than what I weight. (ANI)

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