Chinese man crunches down on a light bulb for breakfast!

Posted By: Nairita Das
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New Delhi, July 20 (ANI): A compulsive glass-eating Chinese man has baffled doctors at Xingqiao Hospital in Lingshui county, Sichuan Province with his peculiar diet, which has had no visible ill effects.

Wang Jun often crunches down on a light bulb for breakfast and eats about 25 a month.

The 52-year-old said he has eaten glass since he was 12 and originally did so on a dare by other children.

He later did it as an act in a circus.

"I've eaten more than 1,000 light bulbs in 40 years," quoted Wang as saying.

"If I don't eat one for several days, I get very nervous," he added.

But he also said that his habit led to his split from wife, who couldn't accept it. (ANI)

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