Former Labor speechwriter Watson criticizes Gillard's speech, calls it repetitive

Posted By: Staff
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Canberra, July 19 (ANI): Author and former Labor speechwriter Don Watson has said that Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's constant use of the phrase "moving forward" during an election launch speech on July 18, 2010 is treating voters like imbeciles.

According to, Watson said that the use of the same phrase 24 times turned him off and called it the "cliche of our times".

"When she started trotting it out, I walked away after five minutes. I couldn't stand it any more," he said.

"I don't know why they think it's a winner. And if it is a winner, then I'm even more dumbstruck. It's hard to imagine what the alternative to 'moving forward' is. I don't know - moving backwards? I suppose that's what she's trying to establish," he added.

He further said that repetitive use of slogans was known in political circles as the vomit principle and called the phrase "moving forward" used by Gillard for several times was meaningless. (ANI)

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