Blondes earn more than brunettes and redheads

Posted By: Samyuktha
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London, July 16 (ANI): Blonde women may be made fun of as being stupid, but they are at the top when it comes to earning money, a study has revealed.

Blondes earn an average 1,018.19 pounds after tax and national insurance every month as compared to 937.19 pounds for brunettes and 887.97 pounds for redheads.

Although they have regular incomes, blondes are spendthrift.

About 35 per cent of them go into overdraft every month.

An average blonde woman over-spends by 278.34 pounds a month in purchasing chocolates, shoes and handbags.

According to the poll conducted by the financial website, girls with blonde hair are good with their money, as more than half of them know where their money goes to the last penny, reports The Scotsman.

About two-thirds of blondes fully understand the outgoings they manage every month, and 93 per cent know what they spend on the mortgage or rent, bills and direct debits. (ANI)

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