Terrorists infiltrating into Pak through Afghan border: Malik

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Lahore, July 12(ANI): Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has asked the Afghan government to take action against insurgency, saying that terrorists are infiltrating into Pakistan through Afghanistan.

Malik has urged the Afghan government to seal the Pak-Afghan border from Kunar (Afghan province) to Mohmand Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

He claimed that the terrorists wanted to unleash a wave of sectarian clashes across the country and also hinted at the involvement of a "third power" behind the ongoing terrorist activities in the country, The Daily Times reports.

Earlier, highly placed sources in Pakistan had said that "foreign" Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters were 'infiltrating' into Bajaur from Afghanistan to join their colleagues in the crucial battle for survival in the face of an all-out military action, because it was beyond the local commandants' capacity to face the Army action.

The foreign Taliban and Al-Qaeda included Arabs, Chechens, Uzbeks and Afghans, who were being led by an Afghan commander Qari Ziaur Rehman.

The sources also revealed that a network of tunnels had been discovered in Tankkhata, Rashakai and Loyesam, where the Taliban held great sway.

"They would fire at the forces from some house and then use the tunnel to escape the army's return fire," the sources said. (ANI)

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