Facebook retracts ban on Sydney nipple-flashing doll images

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Sydney, July 12 (ANI): Facebook has retracted its ban over images of a nipple-flashing doll used by a Sydney jewellery business.

A Sydney jeweller has rebuked Facebook for its "opaque" and "arbitrary" moderation system after the site apologised for censoring her images of a nude porcelain doll posing with her works.

The social networking site has now admitted that it made a "mistake" in removing Victoria Buckley's photos, after sending her several warning notices for publishing "inappropriate content" and erasing both censored and uncensored versions of the image from Facebook.

"We've investigated this further and determined that we made a mistake in removing these photos," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Facebook as saying in a statement.he offending photo was published on Victoria Buckley's Facebook fan page.

"Our User Operations team reviews thousands of reported photos a day and may occasionally remove something that doesn't actually violate our policies. This is what happened here.

"And while we believe the doll would benefit from clothing to protect her fair skin, we apologise for the mistake and encourage Victoria Buckley Jewellery to upload these photos again if they so choose," Facebook continued in the statement.

Facebook said "technical reasons" prevented it from restoring the photos on its own.

"I'm delighted that Facebook has seen reason, and they are acknowledging that the images are acceptable," said Buckley.

"However, I still haven't heard from Facebook directly. I would love to be able to repost my original images, but I'm concerned that a single complaint in the future might be grounds for closure.

"The Facebook system is still very opaque and seems very arbitrary," she added. (ANI)

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