Images of Universe released; we're a speck

Posted By: Samyuktha
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Bangalore, Jul 7: The awe-inspiring pictures beamed back to Earth by the Planck telescope has left everyone philosophical wondering how small of a speck Earth is and how much miniscule our lives really are.

Nevertheless, the pictures taken by the telescope sent out by European Space Agency (ESA) mapping the universe visually is a huge milestone for the mankind in terms of technological and scientific advancements.

The photo released to the media shows a huge blob of violet and maroon decked with yellow. A bright horizontal light passing through the blob is the galaxy's main disc.

It is on this disc where the Sun and Earth are. Basically the bright streak emanating from the middle is the Milky Way and the areas starting from the streak to the exteriors is the duller outlying reaches.

The remnants of the first light after the big bang 13.7 billion years ago can be seen in the form of the light on the edges of the picture.

Costing around 496 million dollars, Planck was launched into space in May 2010.

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