Now, a device that releases stink bomb when you swear online!

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New York, June 22 (ANI): Those who can't enough of dropping F-bombs online, a nasty dose of Pepper Mouth may curb your habit.

The device, invented by the Ultra-Modern-Life Training Lab, is plugged into a computer's USB port. It is a stink bomb canister that emits foul smells when swear words are used.

The main motive of Pepper Mouth is to teach people that swearing in emails can be risky.

"There have recently been many incidents where people got in trouble for the language they use in social media," Ultra-Modern-Life Training lab's website said.

"Maybe when your 'bad language' disturbs you with a bad smell, you will start to understand that it might also have other, more serious consequences," the website said.

At present, the consequences of Pepper Mouth are relatively bearable. The device emits a 'disturbing pepper smell', which the creator says was inspired by his grandmother, who put peppers in his mouth to discourage his swearing habit, reports The New York Daily News.

At the first time if the device detects a swear word, it flashes the image of a red hand as a warning. The second time, it emits a stench.

"The smell is very persistent. Just like things you type and send, it is there to stay. So you better watch it," the Ultra-Modern-Life site read. (ANI)

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