Meet 7ft Eve - the world's tallest model!

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London, May 26 (ANI): An American woman has become the world's tallest model standing at a height of 7ft.

Eve, 31, from California, who is also known as Lanky Yankee, is a former wrestler who gave up on an acting career after producers in Los Angeles kept casting her as a monster or alien.

She was photographed sightseeing in London, where she was seen struggling to get into one of the famous red phone boxes.

But small spaces are not the only things she has a problem with, as she revealed that even trying to find a boyfriend can be a huge problem.

"I used to mainly date men who were taller than me. But they are few and far between, so I've only been out with six guys," the Sun quoted Eve, who is currently single, as saying.

"The shortest man I ever went out with was 5ft 4in. I could pick him up.

"I love English men, though. But be warned - I am very feisty," she stated.

Eve, who is on an assignment in Britain before heading to a promotional job in Amsterdam, has a 38DD bust, 40in legs and a 29in waist.

She is 6ft 8ins before she slips on her heels but is rarely seen without them, and she credits her German and Dutch heritage for her height.

"All the women in my family are tall," she revealed.

"People stare at me a lot. It used to make me very shy and I would hide away.

"I had quite a rough childhood and got teased a lot, with people calling me names like Stretch.

"Sports coaches were always approaching me to play basketball or volleyball but I never really enjoyed it.

"Now I'm proud of my height and use it to my advantage. I love modelling," she said.

Eve was constantly asked to pose for souvenir snaps during her London tourist trail.

"It happens all the time. I get stopped everywhere I go and I really don't mind. It's all part of the job," she said.

"I love it here. Everything's so quaint and small," she added. (ANI)

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