Britain's youngest voter explains why he broke the law

Posted By: Staff
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London, May 10 (ANI): A teen, who voted in the UK General Election 2010 despite being underage by four years, has opened up about his experience.

According to Alfie McKenzie, 14, from Lancashire, he decided to vote against the Conservatives in his area after receiving a polling card in error.

"I dressed as much like a Tory as I could manage: a trench coat, reading glasses, sharp shoes," Sky News quoted McKenzie, as writing in the Observer.

He went on: "I gave it my slightly eccentric aristocrat's walk and my best self-righteous Conservative accent, walked into St Hilda's polling station, went straight to the table and was directed to the slip which I was to cross."

The schoolgoer said his secret came to light only after he told a teacher at school who reported him to the cops and the local council.

McKenzie said: "When the police arrived, I came across way too informed and understanding to claim ignorance; the burly officer's patronising tone lowered as our interview progressed.

"Fortunately, it seems that I'm not going to be prosecuted."

He added: "It seems I have become the first 14-year-old to vote in a General Election and, if we're to keep some faith in our voting system and the competence of its managers, hopefully the ast." (ANI)

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