Brits can't sum up tea flavour!

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London, April 29(ANI): Brits drink 165million cups of tea every day, but they still can't describe its taste, a new survey suggests.

After quizzing more than 2000 people, Professor Li Wei, of Birkbeck College at the University of London, found most people tend to describe the experience instead of the flavour.

Most said it was "hot" or just "nice," finding it hard to explain the taste better.

"The most frequently used words describe the personal experience of drinking tea rather than the taste," the Daily Express quoted Wei, as saying.

Those under 20, said it was "calming" while nearly half of the over-60s said it was "reviving."

Also, some said it was "wazzy" if it was weak and "brickie's tea" or "brown paint" when it was strong.

Scots said tea was "peely wally" while tea-drinkers in the Black Country said a cuppa was "bostin".

Monique Rossi of PG Tips, which ran the survey, added: "The French have hundreds of words to describe the taste of wine, but most British people struggle to be so descriptive when it comes to our national drink." (ANI)

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