NZ: Couple served blood-soaked burger

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Auckland, Apr 25: A couple in Auckland were in for a rude shock when they were offered a burger shocked in human blood at a popular restaurant chain, a media report said Saturday, Apr 25.

Tim Hughley caught sight of the blood just as his wife Rachel was about to bite into her burger at the Westgate Burger King restaurant in West Auckland. The bottom of the bun was stained with blood

"I looked over because my wife was complaining they'd forgotten the lettuce. And I see this splatter of blood," Hughley was quoted as saying by the New Zealand Herald.

The couple checked their hands for any cuts which could explain the blood on the burger, but they found nothing. Then they realised that the blood must be from the store counter where food was being packed for customers.

Burger King spokesperson Rachel Allison explained that the blood was that of the chef who had not realised that he was bleeding.

He was relieved of the burger-making duty following the Hughleys complain and the food-making area was sanitized.

Trying to make amends for the blunder, the company offered vouchers to the couple.

However, the couple declined the offer and said that they would consider taking legal advice.

"What would have happened if my wife had bitten it and got hepatitis or AIDS?" he said.

Rachel Hughley said that she was disgusted and almost threw up.

"The first thing I was thinking was AIDS or hepatitis B," she said. "It's blood - I was about to throw up."

Tim said that when he brought the matter to the manager's notice, he jumped and said, "Oh my God, blood".

But instead of the attending to the shocked couple, he went back to the drive-in counter to serve customers.

The Burger King staff do not wear gloves, instead they wash their hands every hour and record each wash on a form.

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