Full-face swap man can't wait to gorge on lamb dinner

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London, April 25 (ANI): A Spanish farmer, who recently became the world's first to undergo a full face transplant, wants to celebrate his new life with his favourite lamb dinner.

The unnamed man, in his 30s, underwent a 24- hour operation to get a complete facial makeover.

And now that he would finally be eating after five long years he can't wait to gorge on his favourite food.

He expressed his desire before plastic surgeon Dr Joan Pere Barret who operated upon him.

"He's been dreaming about enjoying his favourite lamb dish. He can't wait to taste it again," the News of the World quoted Dr Barret, as saying.

The patient had severally damaged his face in a shooting accident five years ago.

He had lost his nose, upper jaw, lips and cheeks. Also, he could not talk properly and depended on artificial devices to eat and breathe.

Dr Barret and his colleagues took three years to plan the surgery at Barcelona's Vall d'Hebron hospital before it was finally performed on March 20.

Thirty surgeons worked on the operation. They transplanted the facial skin, muscles, nose, lips, jaw, teeth, roof of the mouth and cheekbones of a dead donor.

The surgeons worked in shifts; they first removed soft tissue, muscles, veins and nerves from the donor.

Thereafter, they took seven hours to remove the damaged area of the farmer's face.

Metal plates were then inserted to support the new facial structure after which the donor's face was stitched on.

But it was only after a week that the farmer could see his new face.

He will now have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his life.

Dr Barret said: "He is looking forward to getting his life back. He's happy the nightmare of the last five years is over. We are extremely happy that it was successful."

He added: "The patient is very happy. He has a new face and is adapting well." (ANI)

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