Spitzer 'sowed seeds of his downfall with a suspicious bank transaction'

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New York, April 21 (ANI): Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer's request to leave his name off a bank transaction led to his downfall, a new report has revealed.

Spitzer tendered his resignation in March 2008 amid charges of involvement in a high-priced prostitution ring but a previously undisclosed document shows that his downfall had started almost six months earlier with a suspicious bank transaction.

According to The Albany Times, Spitzer asked his Manhattan bank to remove his name and account ID from a 5,000dollar wire transfer to a shell company.

The compliance of the Aug. 6, 2007 request would have been in breach of federal anti-money laundering regulations.

But the banking branch - then known as North Fork Bank - turned down the request by Spitzer's private banker, Adam Brenner, and filed a suspicious activity report (SAR) with federal authorities.

"In response, Mr. Brenner pointed out that a prior transaction in the amount of 10,000 dollars had previously been processed similarly on July 11, 2007, between these same parties," the New York Post quoted the bank's SAR, as stating.

The report also said: "The August 6th wire transfer was denied and later processed as an internal bank transfer between the two clients' accounts."

The firm which was to receive the funds turned out to be QAT Consulting Group, a front company run by Cecil G. Suwal, hooker booker for Emperors Club.

It was months later that the feds filed an indictment charging the managers of the elite escort service and identified Spitzer as "Client 9."

The report said: "Mr. Brenner reported that he spoke directly with the customer, Mr. Spitzer, who advised that the purpose of the transfer to QAT was to pay a personal expense.

"Mr. Brenner further stated that the customer did not wish to elaborate, however did state that he is sensitive to the bank's position and going forward will transfer funds through the proper channels."

Spitzer was not prosecuted in the case although his transactions involved interstate fund transfers and prostitutes who crossed state lines to sleep with him. (ANI)

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