Strip clubs to be shut down if they flout New York zoning rules

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New York, April 17 (ANI): A court has ruled that topless bars in New York may be shut down if they do not confirm to zoning rules.

A decision issued on April 16 gives the city the power to shut down topless bars that are just paying lip service to zoning rules, reports the New York Daily News.

City regulations require that X-rated businesses be confined to special zones.

Stores outside those zones can't have more than 40 percent adult material.

The city says many sex-related shops stocked G-rated stuff to meet the letter of the law - while their main focus was porn.

A judge had already agreed inspectors could go after video and bookstores that fell into that category.

The new ruling allows them to force 20 clubs out of residential neighbourhoods. (ANI)

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