Nuclear summit communique sets lofty goals for member nations

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Washington DC, April 14 (ANI): A 47-nation Nuclear Security Summit in Washington agreed Tuesday to lock up the world's most vulnerable nuclear materials within four years to prevent terrorists from setting off a global catastrophe. The communique issued at the end of the two day summit noted "nuclear terrorism is one of the most challenging threats to international security and strong nuclear security measure the most effective means to prevent terrorist criminals or other unauthorized actors from acquiring nuclear materials".

The communique recognized "the need for cooperation among States to effectively prevent and respond to incidents of illicit nuclear trafficking and agree to share....information and expertise through bilateral and multilateral mechanisms in areas such as nuclear detection, forensics, law enforcement and the development of new technologies."

The member nations recognized that to combat nuclear proliferation it would "require responsible national actions and sustained and effective international cooperation." At the same time, the summit participants said increased security must "not infringe upon the rights of states to develop and utilize nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and technology."

The communique sets some lofty goals for nations that can barely sit across the table and make civil talk. Saudi, Pakistani, Jordanian, Indian, Israel, Algerians are expected to share information about their nuclear weapons and technology? Seems improbable right at the outset

A call was made to all nations to work collectively "to strengthen nuclear security and reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism." The communique also called for new controls on highly enriched uranium and separated plutonium." and to promote the shift to low enriched uranium fuel as and where it is technically and economically feasible. Again a very lofty and almost unattainable goal.

Summit nations agreed to hold their next such summit in South Korea in 2012. y Smita Prakash(ANI)

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