Hillary blames India, Pakistan for nuclear proliferation

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Washington, April 10 (ANI): Ahead of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's visit to Washington to attend Nuclear Security Summit, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday blamed India and Pakistan for nuclear proliferation.

Speaking on nuclear non-proliferation at the University of Louisville, Ms. Clinton said: The manner in which India and Pakistan have pursued atomic weapons has "upset the balance of nuclear deterrence."

She stated that the US was working hard with India and Pakistan in a bid to limit their number of nuclear stockpiles.

"There are three pillars to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. One is disarmament, one is non-proliferation, and one is the peaceful use of nuclear weapons, the peaceful use of nuclear energy for civil nuclear purposes," said Ms. Clinton.

In her speech on 'No Greater Danger: Protecting our nation and allies from nuclear terrorism and nuclear proliferation', in Kentucky, Ms. Clinton said: "So the United States will continue to demonstrate its willingness, in concert with Russia, because we have so many more weapons than any of the other countries -- you know, by a very, very big margin."

"Other countries that have pursued nuclear weapons-like India and Pakistan, for example-have done so in a way that has upset the balance of nuclear deterrence," Ms. Clinton stated and added that this was the reason why the U.S. was "working with both countries very hard to try to make sure that their nuclear stockpiles are, you know, well tended to, and that they participate with us in trying to limit the number of nuclear weapons."

"Both of them will be in Washington next week," Ms. Clinton further stated.

Earlier, on Saturday morning in New Delhi, ahead of his departure for Washington, Dr. Singh said: "India has a well developed indigenous nuclear energy programme, which dates back six decades. We have an impeccable record of security, safety and non-proliferation which reflects our conduct as a responsible nuclear power."

Dr. Singh further said that India has been a consistent advocate of complete and universal global nuclear disarmament.

"We were among the first countries in the world to call for a world free of nuclear weapons. I am encouraged by the fact that this approach is finding greater resonance today," he said.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is all set to attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington. (ANI)

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