US: Indian-born man shot dead in a Sikh temple

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Chicago, Apr 9: Police shot dead an Indian-born man in a Ohio Sikh temple on Thursday, Apr 8 as he refused to put down a knife he was carrying.

41-year-old Ravinder Nijjar was shot dead in the Guru Gobind Singh Sikh Temple after the police on patrol were alerted that the man chasing two priests with a meat cleaver in the temple premises.

The police personnel who found Nijjar approaching with the 10 to 12 inches long knife had no option but to shot him down as the he refused to put the weapon down.

“The officer yelled, Stop, drop the knife, drop the knife. The individual kept coming toward him and he shot him," Bedford Police Chief Greg Duber informed while talking to a news channel.

However, the whole incident has raised questions if shooting the man down was the only option. Violence at the place of worship has especially drawn criticism from the Sikh community.

"It happened in a place of worship. It is even disturbing for anyone or everyone," temple member Baltek Singh said, adding, "Some wonder whether the police could have used a Taser or some other non-lethal weapon to stop him.

Nijjar, who got hit by three bullet, was declared dead when he was taken to a hospital. The police officer, who shot him, has been placed on a three-day administrative leave and an investigation has been launched into the incident.

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