Carla Bruni calms storm over marriage crisis rumours

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London, Apr 8 (ANI): Carla Bruni gave an impromptu radio interview in a bid to dismiss rumours that her marriage with French President Nicolas Sarkozy has hit rock bottom.

The First Lady's interview came in response to the growing controversy over who started the talk that both she and her husband were having affairs.

Her statement came amid reports that French intelligence bugged the telephone calls of Rachida Dati, Sarkozy's former justice minister, to see whether she had played a role in the rumours.

However, before the rumours got more air, Bruni-Sarkozy took to the airwaves, saying: "(Rachida Dati) remains fully our friend".

"I have come to prevent this affair which has no importance from growing into proportions which I find ridiculous ... these rumours are insignificant for myself and my husband. I am very close to him. (His) concern is the French and France," the Telegraph quoted the model-cum-singer as saying.

"The accusation that (she) apparently spread these rumours is a rumour. So I don't believe it," she told Europe 1.

The singer went on to dismiss claims by her husbands' own advisers that Sarkozy was perhaps the victim of a plot to destabilise his presidency.

"There is no plot, there is no vengeance, it doesn't concern us and we've turned the page some time ago," she said.

Sarkozy said last month he did not have "half a minute" to spare on "idiotic" rumours over the state of his marriage after they appeared on Twitter. (ANI)

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