Teen alcoholics causing an underage-drinking epidemic in Britain

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London, Mar 29 (ANI): Britain is battling an underage-drinking epidemic, with thousands of under-18s being enrolled into rehab every year, according to medical experts and politicians.

New figures show that 8,000 under-18s are being admitted to A andE every year for drink-related problems.

Most of the teenagers only drink at weekends and it's because, they think "it's fun".

Experts have found that adolescents are drinking to get drunk and so vodka is their tipple of choice.

"It is cheap and it gets you f***ed quicker," the Sun quoted one Manchester teenager as saying.

However, they are not very keen on alcopops, for they don't drink them as they don't contain enough alcohol.

Troubled teens drink more often.

The drunk kids take huge risks with their safety. In fact, one girl jumped into the canal and another boy ran into a wall.

The teenagers say they feel free, uninhibited and brave.

These youngsters save their pocket money, or have Saturday jobs and then pool it all together to buy the cheapest alcohol on sale.

They also get cash from their parents by saying it is for the cinema or a McDonald's.

To get their hands on the booze, the underage drinkers have fake IDs, older friends or they hang around outside off-licences asking people to buy it.

They say one in five people will buy booze for them.

Sometimes parents even buy their children alcohol because they know they will drink it anyway and want to have some measure of control.

The teenagers use the word "confidence" a lot when talking about why they drink.

They think that it makes them tell the truth, which they think would not be possible if they are sober. (ANI)

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