US unconvinced over Pak Army's U-turn against Taliban commanders: Expert

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London, Mar.11 (ANI): Pakistan has been claiming huge success against the Taliban by capturing several key militant leaders, including Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Afghan Taliban's second-in command, however the United States is far from convinced that the arrests mark a change in the Pakistan Army's policies.

According to Ahmed Rashid, the author of best sellers -Taliban, and Descent into Chaos, Washington is doubtful whether the arrests of several key militants leaders from various parts of Pakistan signals a major U-turn by the Pakistani military, which has been accused of harbouring militants since 2002.

In his column in the BBC, Rashid said the Pakistan Army and the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) are not much concerned about the arrests rather both are preparing themselves for a major say in the 'new round of the Afghan political merry-go-round.'

Rashid pointed out that war and peace making in Afghanistan is likely to get more complicated in the months ahead, and cited senior Pakistani military officials claiming that Baradar was already on the CIA payroll, and was paid 5million dollars by Americans to begin talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

However, US officials have denied any such payments ever being made.

Baradar was the key logistician and overall political chief for Taliban commanders inside Afghanistan. But despite his sanctuary, Baradar was at odds with the ISI over the issue of opening a dialogue with Kabul, Rashid said. (ANI)

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