Oz Govt. recommended to end exploitation, alienation of international students

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Canberra, Mar. 9 (ANI): In order to end foreign student exploitation in Australia, the Government needs to launch a major regulatory crackdown on "high-risk" education providers, a review of the international education sector has recommended.

The Baird review called for a stricter registration process for high-risk providers that would involve independent assessors, and a higher rate of registration for medium to high-risk providers.

"We've seen no increase in the number of people looking after these areas, but a doubling of the number of students that are in the area," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted former federal Liberal MP Bruce Baird, as saying.

In August, the Australian government had asked Baird to conduct a review following attacks on international students - especially Indians - and claims some education providers were exploiting foreigners.

Colleges would be fined if there was evidence they had repeatedly given prospective students wrong information about their courses.

"Students were saying, 'we just got wrong information, the agents lied to us', and we need to stop that," Baird added.

According to recommendations, education providers would be banned for offering commissions for "poaching" students from other colleges.

It was also suggested that there be one industry regulator rather than each state having its own.

Baird acknowledged ongoing concerns about racism and violent attacks on Indian students.

He said there might be a need to educate the public about the importance of embracing the sector.

"There is resentment there. The students need to feel a part of Australia and I think that's part of it," he pointed out. (ANI)

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