'Human Barbie' gives Botox jabs to 15-year-old daughter

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London, Mar 3 (ANI): An American woman, known as the Human Barbie, is said to have allowed her 15-year-old daughter to have botox jabs, leading to doctors issuing a health warning over anti-wrinkle injections for teenagers.

Sarah Burge, 49, who is a world record holder for the most cosmetic procedures, has spent more than 500,000 pounds seeking perfection, and she let her daughter Hannah have the jabs on a Spanish holiday last year.

"I had a couple of lines on my forehead and around my mouth, which I was unhappy about," the Daily Express quoted Hannah, now 16, as saying.

"Appearance is important to me and I don't want to look haggard and ugly by the time I'm 25," she said.

But now Burge, a beautician from Cambridge, will be giving the anti-wrinkle injections to her daughter herself, claiming it is the "responsible thing".

The youngster, who gets half the adult dosage, said she looked online and found young girls saying they felt more confident after having Botox.

A trained aesthetic practitioner from St Neots, Cambridge, Burge says she is an expert in Botox.

"I was thrilled Hannah was open and honest," she said.

"I'd much rather know about it than have her do it behind my back. I know some parents will be horrified but this is my way of protecting my daughter from back-street rip-off merchants," she stated.

Anti-wrinkle jabs, including the Botox brand, are supposed to be prescribed by a doctor. However, Burge has bought the jabs, which contain human tissue, online.

Doctors said the single mother was exposing her daughter to terrible risks because the source of the products was a mystery.

"If you paralyse their muscles they will look like they have had a stroke," Nigel Mercer of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said.

"It seems wrong on so many levels as these jabs are made from human albumen. Would you really want to inject human blood products from an unknown source into your child?" he added. (ANI)

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