Brit 'Human Spiderman' scales 30 feet wall using vacuum cleaner device

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London, Feb 16(ANI): A British scientist, Jem Stansfield, has been labelled the 'Human Spiderman' after impersonating the superhero by scaling a school wall in Essex using a device made from two vacuum cleaners.

The 39-year-old, who presents the BBC science show "Bang Goes the Theory", climbed 30 feet up to the top of Hove Park School's wall using modified motors from vacuum cleaners, which worked like giant suckerpads and allowed him to climb the wall with relative ease.

Stansfield's feat was part of the Brighton Science Festival Programme.

"I came across the idea for the vacuum cleaners when I was doing a challenge to make superhuman powers out of junk. I worked out the vacuum cleaners could support my weight," The Telegraph quoted Stansfield, as saying.

"I attached pads roughly the size of tea trays to the nozzle and realised they pressed tightly against the wall and could hold me," he added.

Stansfield, who climbed 120 feet up BBC Television Centre last year, hopes that his creations will inspire future scientists to think outside the box.

"I hope activities like this teach children that if you understand the world around you, you can make it work for you. Normal boring day-to-day objects can do exciting things for you," he said.

He has invented the world's first air-powered motorbike and also won a New Scientist prize for boots that can walk on water.

Stansfield's next stunt will involve driving a car powered only by coffee beans from London to Manchester. (ANI)

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