'Curry killer has left a ticking time bomb in my stomach'

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London, Feb. 14 (ANI): The grief-stricken girl, whose fiancée Lakhvinder "Lucky" Cheema was murdered by 45-year-old India-origin curry killer in UK, has revealed how she still feels a "time bomb" in her body - weeks after consuming a small portion of the wolfsbane-spiked dish.

As the Lakhvir Kaur Singh, Lucky's crazed ex-lover, began a life sentence, Gurjeet Choong, 22, stormed: "She has ruined my life by taking away the man I loved and leaving me with the threat of illness always hanging over me."

Gurjeet - who only survived because she had two spoonfuls less of the killer curry than Lucky - sobbed: "It's like a ticking time bomb. I will have to wait and see if it ever explodes."

"Doctors have told me my kidneys have been badly hit by the poison she put in our food and they could have long term damage. It brought me to the brink of death and is still hanging over me," she added.

Singh laced a curry in Lakhvinder's home with the lethal Indian herb wolfsbane - known by the ancient Greeks as the "queen of poisons", News of the World reports.

Singh was said to have killed Cheema because she could not bear the thought of his marriage to 21-year-old Gurjeet Choongh on Valentine's Day.

"I knew she had been round to the flat - she phoned to say she had come around with five people and that he was fortunate he had been out," Choong said.

"She was obsessed and it sounded like she wanted to beat him up. But we didn't take it seriously and had no idea she had got into the kitchen," she added.

Cheema and Choongh became violently ill after eating leftover curry, and within hours, Cheema was dead and Choongh remained in coma for two days.

"It really hurts me I never got to say goodbye to Lucky. We were going to be married at the Sikh temple in Hayes on Valentine's Day. Instead we were with all his friends and family cremating him," she said. (ANI)

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