Gordon's "surprisingly romantic", says Sarah Brown

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London, Feb 12 (ANI): Sarah Brown, the wife of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, says her husband is "surprisingly romantic" at home.

"I am leaving DH to make the plans for Valentine's Day - he is surprisingly romantic (for a Scot and a Man)," Sky News quoted Mrs Brown, as saying during a webchat on Mumsnet.

She also revealed that the couple has an "amazing nanny" during the week, which gives them ample time for official functions.

And on the weekend, she gives time to her children, said Mrs Brown.

She said: "People always assume that we have a lot of help but even though much of our life takes place in extraordinary circumstances, it is also important for us to remain an ordinary family with privacy and time together."

But she did confess she would like the family to have meals together more often.

She said: "Although we do lots of trips to parks and playing in the garden at weekends I do really wish we had more family meal times together, so I am protective of our big Sunday family lunches around the table."

She also Brown discussed her children's favourite books.

Mrs Brown said: "At the moment I am a little exhausted by Captain Underpants, and have read Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly many many times in recent days."

When asked if she wished to go back to the days of "ironing your husband's shirts," she replied: "I am a great believer in having clothes that don't really need ironing, and what makes you think I don't iron the things that do need it now?"

Mr and Mrs Brown met when she was organising an event for the Labour Party, she disclosed.

"He always remembers sitting next to me on a plane to Scotland not long after," she said.

She insisted that she does not get interfere in the Prime Minister's political decisions.

She said: "Gordon doesn't seek political advice from me, and I wouldn't dream of offering it to him.

"He has got a great team of ministers around him, and advisors and staff in the office.

"I simply fill him in on areas that I have been researching for my charity work." (ANI)

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