Meet the man who keeps 24 crocs, alligators in his back garden!

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London, February 1 (ANI): Britain's Shaun Foggett loves reptiles and keeps 24 of them as his pets in his back garden that he shares with his fiancée and three kids.

The 30-year-old daredevil lives in the semi-detached home in Oxford with partner Lisa Green, 29, and children Billy, six, Louie, four, and eight-month-old Shania

"I have been interested in crocodiles since I was a little kid and once I started reptiles at 17 it just snowballed. By the time I was 25 I had my dangerous animals licence and I was looking after crocodiles and alligators," the Telegraph quoted Shaun as saying.

Shaun continued: "The crocodiles have always been around since before the children were born, so it is very normal to them. The children like to go in and look at them and they have no fear at all.

"Lisa helps out with the crocodiles which is great. They are part of the family and she has known about my love of reptiles since day one, so she wasn't shocked."

Shaun further defended his unique pets, saying: "People think these animals lie in rivers waiting to attack the next human walking past, but there is a lot more to them." (ANI)

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