Schwarzenegger defends Obama's response to failed Christmas Day bombing

Posted By: Staff
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Washington, Jan 11 (ANI): California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that his fellow Republicans are wrong in attacking President Barack Obama's response to the failed Christmas Day bombing of the Detroit bound US airliner.

Obama is doing everything that he can, Schwarzenegger said. "Democrats, a lot of times get the rap get they are not strong on security and those things."

"He has talked about the issues. I think he has been fighting for the issues," Politico quoted the governor, as saying.

"This was an unfortunate situation of what happened over Christmas. And I think it's a total failure in the communication within the departments, that when you look back at all of the instances that are happening.

"It's always to say well, we had everything in place but we didn't pass on the dots weren't connected or something," Schwarzenegger said.

Schwarzenegger said that Obama's being in Hawaii had nothing to do with what happened.

"It's not like the president has done something wrong because he was in Hawaii," he said.

"What it has to do with is simply they didn't connect the dots and within the agencies, within the airport authorities and Homeland Security and the CIA and everyone, they didn't connect the dots," Schwarzenegger added. (ANI)

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