Pup swallows toy fairy wand half its body size!

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London, Dec 26 (ANI): A pet puppy had a miraculous brush with death when it swallowed a toy fairy wand almost the length of her body.

Pip's owner Ashleigh Fisher, 18, noticed that the five-month-old pet whippet had something lodged in her throat.

"We had no idea what it could be that she'd swallowed," the Daily Express quoted Ashleigh as saying.

And when she took the pet to the vet the next day, an x-ray revealed the problem - the toy wand stretching from the dog's throat right into her stomach.

They couldn't get any success, even after several attempts to dislodge the wand, and thus Pip had to have an operation costing 500 pounds to remove it.

The fairy wand belonged Ashleigh's twin sisters Emily and Beth.

"She's doing fine now. Luckily for Pip, the wand did not appear to have done any damage to her insides," said Laura Lamb, trainee nurse at the Bridge Veterinary Group in Middlesbrough.

Ashleigh did not have pet insurance for Pip. (ANI)

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