Money-stretched Kiwis saying no to sex

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Wellington, Dec 20 (ANI): A new survey has found that money-stretched Kiwis are saying no to sex.

The poll by research body Perceptive found that financial problems were top concerns of the people, more than even the end of the planet itself.

The study discovered that people in the age group 35 to 44 were very stressed and suffered the most sexually.

The failure to save, spending power and retirement security were issues that worried Kiwis the most.

About 25percent men said stress due to shortage of money was the basis of arguments.

"If we look at lack of sexual desire or someone's withdrawal from sex, money is frequently one of the issues," quoted Robyn Salisbury, director of Sex Therapy New Zealand, as saying.

She added: "There is a set amount of energy that any of us have in the day and if it all goes into worrying about how you're going to feed the kids, or those kinds of horrors, you're unlikely to feel like having sex."

Financial adviser Chris Wasley, of Christchurch, said: "Money causes a lot of problems in relationships and people often don't even know that it's money that is the source. Sometimes it is joint worries but a lot of the time we find that people don't realise they have different views on money."

"So often when we worked through the process of doing a financial plan for people, it's to accommodate the fact they do have different views and once they see each other has these different views, suddenly everything starts to come right in the relationship," he added.

Fund manager Janine Starks said: "At the risk of sounding utterly politically incorrect - money does make you happy. I'd credit it with wiping out half of all marriage problems and arguments."

She added: "Money is a factor in happiness and happiness releases endorphins. The e-drug works wonders. It perks you up, makes you bounce, gives you confidence. You're suddenly 10 times better looking than you really are." (ANI)

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