White House gatecrasher couple give English a new verb: "Salahi"!

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Washington, Dec 11 (ANI): Michaele and Tareq Salahi have given a new word to English, after they crashed the White House state dinner - the name "Salahi" has now come to mean the naughty habit of attending a get-together without an invitation.

The online Urban Dictionary spells out three ways of using the word: "Salahi," "Salahid" and "Salahi'd," reports the Politico.

The site also gives examples of its usage: "I can't believe she didn't invite me to her party after five years of friendship! I'm going to Salahi it, that'll show her."

In fact, even the mainstream media has not desisted from using the verb.

Maureen Dowd wrote in her New York Times column: "The White House failure to stop the Salahis from Salahing their way past security checkpoints will leave people smirking for a while."

Only a few days after the state dinner, Washington socialite and blogger Andrea Rodgers posted a message on her Facebook page: "Apparently 'Salahi' is now a verb. To Salahi: to audaciously gatecrash a 'secure' event; e.g., We plan to Salahi the Clooney Christmas party." (ANI)

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